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Child abduction by parent
If your child has been wrongfully taken by your former partner to another EU country (without your authorisation or in breach of court decisions in the EU country where you and the child live), you can launch legal proceedings to have the child returned. 

Central authorities Available languages responsible for international child abductions can help you take the necessary steps. Once the proceedings are launched in the country to which the child was taken, the courts there will order the child to be returned - provided that all legal requirements are met. Possible exceptions if the child might be in danger in the country where they lived before the abduction if the child is old enough to declare that they do not want to return. 

In theory both you and your child should be given the opportunity to be heard by the court during the proceedings. You cannot reverse a decision on custody by abducting a child and having a court in a different EU country make a different custody ruling. If you want to try to reverse a custody decision, you must go to court in the country where the decision was taken.