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Editorial / Chairman
Dear friends, year 2011 was very dense. 

If our operations remain the help to the childhood, our interventions come within contexts of crises or disasters due to the conflicts, to the lack of access to the water, to the food or to a roof. We know that they affect populations or groups of individuals for whom no adequate answer exists and where the level of suffering, as the level of mortality, is high. 

The field of our activities is to meet the elementary needs of the world's children and favour their access to school, food and health. child welfare, development, education and training, poverty. In these situations of big precariousness the individual humanitarian act which we practise remains the cornerstone of our action and has only a single objective: decrease the level of suffering, lower the mortality rate. The world financial crisis augured a difficult year 2011. 

But thanks to your support, as well as to the commitment of all the co-workers of Kala International organization, we were able to maintain our commitments. Every meeting of the board of directors allowed us to present  the challenges of the current year as well as the reflections on the role and the place of the act of the humanitarian aid in our projects, on the acceptance of the concerned populations and on the work of necessary network to manage it, on runways to be investigated and to be privileged, those to prioritize; 

On fields to be improved, the necessary resources to find and the medium of the headquaters to be optimized. It allowed us to discuss risks and profits of our action in each of the contexts given, in financial terms, in an adequate way, and to bring it the most coherent answer. Kala Geneva builds himself on the essential values that are our operations and our grips of public position, in a collective way and on common objectives. To answer the current operational challenges means finding some flexibility within the organization, pushing the innovation, strengthening the training, finding a way and going out of our isolation. It requires a coordinated answer, an answer where Kala Geneva acts as close movement, for reasons evident of coherence on the representation, the identity, the public location, but also in a concern of economy of scale in the field of the education, of the support for grounds or the strategies of researches for fund. 

I remain profoundly convinced that as long as there will be passionate people, ready of making a commitment, of lending strong hand, in common, so that the access to the help to the most vulnerable children is guaranteed and so that they become again masters of their future, we can, in any humility, contribute to the saving of the life and to the reduction of the suffering in the respect for the dignity; our reason for being. 

Kala New York
Founder Chairman