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Global malnutrition 2013
Nearly a billion people (925 million) on our planet are undernourished, half of them in Asia and one fourth in Africa. Almost 200 million children under five years old, suffering from chronic malnutrition, will never reach a normal weight. Among these children, 41 million are suffering from moderate acute malnutrition and 26 million have the most deadly form severe acute malnutrition.
One third of deaths in children under five years old in developing countries is linked to malnutrition. 3.5 to 5 million boys and girls under five years old die each year as a result of malnutrition or related diseases. By 2050, 24 million more children will suffer from hunger. Hunger kills more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Yet it costs only USD.25 per day to provide a child with all the vitamins and micronutrients they need to be in good health.