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International Migration
The overall aim of Kala Geneva program on International Migration is to promote the respect for the human rights of migrants, and to contribute to peaceful integration of migrants in society. "We recognize that migration continues to increase -- driven by the age-old pursuit of a better life, as well as by increasingly understood phenomena such as climate change. And so, we accept that we must take effective action without delay.
From the outset, Kala Geneva has played a key role in the promotion of democratic values and principles. Its Constitution upholds the democratic ideals of justice, liberty, equality and solidarity, and considers these principles as fundamental factors in the building of peace. Indeed, the Preamble makes a direct link between "the denial of the democratic principles of the dignity, equality and mutual respect of men" and the "great and terrible war". The realization of the democratic ideals is therefore at the core of OKGI's actions.
If the right to education for all is to become a reality, we must ensure that all learners have access to quality education that meets basic learning needs and enriches lives. Still, today, millions of children, youth and adults continue to experience exclusion within and from education around the world.
The battle against HIV/AIDS and its devastating impact is the area of increasing concern to the Kala Geneva as a whole. OKGI focus on preventive education represents an important niche in the worldwide campaign to arrest and reverse this scourge.
Dialogue for peace
Kala Geneva has been employing dialogue extensively as an important tool for achieving peace and media are important tools in fostering dialogue, mutual understanding, self-expression, peace and reconciliation.  OKGI continues to support global activities in this area, and will emphasize on the participation of young women and men. The Power of Peace Network is an important platform in this action.
Fight against Racism, Discrimination
Kala Geneva contributes to the fight against racism and discrimination through research, normative instruments and operational programmes and projects. New forms of discrimination have arisen, in association with certain scientific developments and the process of globalization. As a result of these new threats and the outbreak of violent inter-ethnic conflicts in many parts of the world in recent years.