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Statement by the founding chair Kala New York

United Nations headquaters New York 09/06/2014

Why the next Education Summit for all is crucial for the long-term development of the world. We are motivated by our belief that the commitment of governments affects the lives of children in a multitude of ways and that the contributions of a politically engaged populace are necessary for a strong community and a vibrant and prosperous city.

We are concerned by the lack of citizen participation, as evident by the all. Our working group want to offer a strategy for approaching this challenge. Our preliminary plans include a series of public programs and development of a portfolio of information resources and educational materials. With these tools we will endeavour to educate the children in the world.

we need the new partnership to promote the development and/or implementation of our education and outreach programs. Organizations with deep expertise on a particular issue or segment of the Kala International Geneva community are requested to help identify topics that should be used to inform our program development.With your help, we hope to produce educational materials and an outreach strategy that is comprehensive and representative of the important issues facing members of the Kala International Geneva community.