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KALA INTERNATIONAL GENEVA is a non-governmental international organization, non-profit, politically neutral and Faith-based independent. The organization gathers members of various occupations who subscribe on the honor to the following principles: the members of Kala international bring their help to the children in distress and the victims of disasters of natural or human origin without any purebred discrimination, religion, philosophy or politics. 

Working in the neutrality and the impartiality, the members of Kala international Geneva claim, in the name of the universal ethics and of the right for the humanitarian assistance, the full and whole freedom of the exercise of their function. They make a commitment to respect a total independence towards any power, as well as towards any political, economic or religious strength.

Volunteers, they measure the risks and the dangers of the missions which they carry out and will demand for them or their legal successors no compensation other one than the one that the organization will be capable of supplying them.