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Kala New York, himself, father of a pre-teen girl, is a rapper an expert in strategy in fighting against poverty and the founder and chairman of the international organization Kala Geneva. In order to stay true to the commitment of fighting against poverty, he is active in civics, social service, and the diplomatic world. His work and credo consist of :

- Respect for the ethics of humanitarian aid. 

- The search for solutions increasingly adapted to the needs of the poor and marginalized. 

- The support of cross-disciplinary scientific research programs against poverty. 

Mr. Kala, lives in New York. He has committed himself to decreasing poverty in the world for the last several years. On behalf of Kala International Geneva, Mr. Kala has traveled all over the world and has gained experience and a global vision concerning the strategies against poverty. 

He has been the representative of the international organization Kala at the United Nations headquarters in New York since 2014.